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Mobile App Development

We design and build beautiful mobile apps that are aesthetically pleasing and provide value to our users.  We use our own apps pretty much on a daily basis.  Well, mostly!  Because some of the apps we’ve built are in languages we don’t speak. So all we could do is make sure they’re running well and people are not crapshooting them  in the review sections of the app stores.  We’ve been around since the start of the mobile app revolution and have built close to 20 apps on Apple, Google, Microsoft and Amazon platforms both natively and through 3rd party frameworks.  We’ve learnt quite a bit of the ins and outs of the mobile industry and are ready to take on the challenge of building apps for the next billion people who’ll soon own smartphones and mobile devices across the world.

Game Development

Mobile Apps without games is no fun.  Over 70% of apps in the App Stores are gaming oriented.  We released our first game in the middle of 2014 and admittedly entered late into the fray, but we’ve been soaking up the world of gaming with a keen eye.  We have major plans to release one game title each month for the remainder of 2014. Statistically, it seems from studies done, the chances of a successful game increases with the number of titles shipped.  Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd title, so we’ve a lot of catching up to do at least as far as releasing new game titles go!

Custom Mobile and Web Development

We do custom mobile and web development for iOS and Android – natively or cross-platform as HTML5, Javascript, or using 3rd party frameworks.  If you are looking for mobile apps similar to what what we have already created and published, let’s talk as the design and cost could be greatly reduced. Also, we are constantly looking for great developers and designers.  If you are one and looking for a cool startup, drop us a note.


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Mobile and Web Apps

All India News

Amazon App · Android App · iOS App

All India News

Our philosophy around building mobile apps has been pretty simple: build stuff that as a user we’d use it ourselves daily and do not comprise on quality.

Perhaps a short walk down the memory lane might be helpful.  Back in 2010, the Apple app store already had over 150K apps.  The news category also had a decent number but the quality of apps representing Indian news was sub par.  Not finding a single good Indian news app, we decided to launch our own app “All India News”.

That marked the beginning of our foray into mobile app development.  “All India News” got launched first on the Apple Store and later got released on all the major stores: Google, Windows and Amazon.  The App is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Android App Store.

Download it free:

[playbtn lang=”en” pkg=”com.mobilitylabs_apps.allindianews” size=”large” type=”2″]

Over 21 ratings with average of 4.5 ★ on the Google Play Store Some Recent Testimonials with ✶✶✶✶✶ Rating

Saurabh Vigya

Lovely app Keep it simple always.thanks to the developers team.

Ajay Deboor

Love it. The best news application. The most comprehensive news app.


Dubai Radios

Android App · Apps · Design · iOS App

Dubai Radio

Beautifully designed app that blends with the inherent beauty of the iPhone.  The app shines through with attention to detail – displaying album art (subject to song title being sent by the radio station), adding blur effect to make it a visual delight, and displaying rolling song title, band or singer name at the start of the radio station.

Yet at the core, the app never strays a bit from what it’s meant to do – play audio wonderfully. Radio stations load super quickly.

Radio streaming stations are not always reliable which is why we’ve included remote update feature.  We don’t need to send a new update to App store each time a radio station doesn’t play.  All that’s required of you is to hit the refresh button and viola! you’ve got an updated list.  Sweet!

Download here:

[playbtn lang=”en” pkg=”com.mobilitylabs.apps.dubairadio” size=”large” type=”2″]

Testimonials: ✶✶✶✶✶ Rating


Ashok Bhatia

A must have for all music lovers A fantastic app for all music lovers who don’t have access to wireless music

Punjabi Radio

Android App · iOS App

Punjabi Radio

Over 30 live radio channels to keep you entertained at all times of the day.  Music, talk shows, gurbani, shabad and kirtans from Punjabi radio stations across the world..  The world of punjabi music is at your fingertips (literally) with this one-stop- app.  There’s no more hunting around to hear the music of your choice. What’s the wait, when it’s free to download. Simply hit the fast-forward button to move to the next radio station, it’s that simple!  Want to see all the radio stations in a list, go to menu button on your Android device and press Stations.
348 5 star ratings on Apple Store

 Absolute Gem  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

by VKumar10

What an awesome app. I am connected to my Punjabi roots all of the time especially during my workouts. I love the quality and easy connection to Punjabi radio channels from around the globe. 

 Mera vasda rahe PUNJAB ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Great source of entertainment, news, culture, media and verity of information. Listen all the time, while driving and home. Thanks  

Download free: [playbtn lang=”en” pkg=”com.allindianews.punjabiradio” size=”large” type=”2″] [app-store-download id=478617154] Go Pro – no Ads ever [app-store-download id=896875858] [/row]

Tamil Radio

Android Apps · iOS Apps

Tamil Radio

Similar to Hindi Radio, the Tamil radio app follows the same pattern in terms of design simplicity and utility. Over 30 streaming Tamil radio stations from around the world brought together in this app.

Over 370 ratings on the Apple App Store and counting.

Download here:

[playbtn lang=”en” pkg=”com.mobilitylabs_apps.tamilradio” size=”large” type=”2″]

App Store:

Testimonials on Google Play Store: ✶✶✶✶✶ Rating


A wonderful mix of stations and the quality of sound is exceptional!! Kudos to those who made it happen!!


Is simply super with multiple channels the sound quality is good and it is wonderful listening to Lankan Tamil thank you. You feel like as if you are in India.

iPhone App


It’s very nice app can hear to all type of songs Old and new.

iPhone App

Hindi Radio

Android Apps · iOS Apps

Hindi Radio

Well designed app that perfectly combines simplicity and utility. Over 50 streaming hindi radio stations from world over brought together in this app for your listening pleasure.  With a simple flick of the finger,  select the radio station of your choice and enjoy – coffee/tea for enhanced listening pleasure is optional 🙂

On android, radio stations are displayed as a list.  Select the radio station to play and you can advance to the next radio station by hitting the fast forward button.

Download here:

[playbtn lang=”en” pkg=”com.mobilitylabs.apps.hindiradio” size=”large” type=”2″]

Testimonials: ✶✶✶✶✶ Rating

Ajay Deboor

The best news application The most comprehensive news app.

Saurabh Vigya

Lovely app Keep it simple always.thanks to the developers team.

Kauser Raza

Super Bahut achcha apps h ye

Love this app

Our History

Building mobile apps since 2010

  • Launched our first app!

    Launched our first newsreader app “All India News” in 2010 on Apple Store.  Offered clean, uncluttered and full-text news reading experience.

    Launched “Telugu Radio & News” app
     Launched “Tamil Radio & News” app

  • Launched our first Android app!

     Launched “All India News” app on Google Play Store.
    Launched “Bollywood News” app on Google Play Store.
    Released “Hindi Radio & News” app on Apple Store.
  • Launched app on Amazon Play Store!

     Launched “All India News” app on Amazon Play Store.
    Launched “Malayalam Radio & News” app on Apple Store.
     Launched “Punjabi Radio” app on Google Play Store.
    Launched “Malayalam Radio” app on Google Play Store.
  • Launched “All India News” app on Windows Play Store!

     Launched our first app “All India News” on Windows Play Store.
     Launched several additional apps on both Google and Apple App stores.

  • Launched our first game app!

    Launched “Watch Your Step” game app on Apple Store.
    Continuing to launch additional entertainment apps and game titles on App Stores.


  • Awesome new app I tried new hunt.. But this app crosses all bars of expectation.. All news in one aap.. Very light and user friendly .. Must have app.. Cheers developers.

    Jai Tiwari on All India News Android App
  • Its very good app for PUNJABI community…I like it very much. Gurpreet SINGH TIMMA…. New Delhi

    Gurpreet Singh on Punjabi Radio Android App
  • Very Nice Station. Provides different kinds of stations from new songs to old songs. all have remix station too where you can hear old songs in a new way:) …

    abrts about Hindi Radio iOS App
  • Very good app. Which makes it easier to read many mobile version of newspaper

    Abdul Rasheed about All India News Android App
  • Never a day passes by without reading Bharat updates!!

    Dreamfields about All India News iPhone App
  • This is the very best selection of gurbani I love it.

    Manjeet Cheema about Punjabi Radio Android App

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